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Best Ever Canadian Rock Bands and Their Songs

By Dom Nozzi

October 23, 2018

The following is a list of Canadian rock bands and their music that, in my opinion, have stood the test of time with regard to the quality of their music.

The Guess Who

American Woman

Share the Land

These Eyes

Clap for the Wolfman

No Sugar Tonight

Hand Me Down World

No Time


New Mother Nature

Bryan Adams

Run to You

I’m Ready

Summer of 69

One Night Love Affair

Cuts Like a Knife

It’s Only Love



Fly by Night

Working Man


Bastille Day

A Passage to Bangkok

Closer to the Heart

Free Will

Tom Sawyer

Red Barchetta

Spirt of the Radio

Working Man

Neil Young

Cinnamon Girl

Rockin in the Free World

Old Man

Sugar Mountain


Southern Man

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Hey Hey, My My

Don’t Let It Bring You Down

April Wine

Hot on the Wheels of Love

Just Between You and Me

High Roller

Get Ready for Love

I Like to Rock


Break Down the Barricades

Your Daddy Don’t Know

Bachman Turner Overdrive

Blue Moanin’

Takin’ Care of Business

Loreena McKennitt

 Mummers Dance


The Kid is Hot Tonight

Working for the Weekend

Take Me to the Top

Hot Girls in Love


Magic Carpet Ride

Born to be Wild

Gordon Lightfoot

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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Natalie Portman



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Most Attractive and Highly Intelligent Actresses of All Time

By Dom Nozzi

March 23, 2018

  • Physical attractiveness (Standards for beauty change over time. Many, for example, consider Marilyn Monroe to be very beautiful. I am not one of them.)
  • Exceptionally intelligent (Some actresses are physically gorgeous, but for me, if the woman is not exceptionally intelligent, I am not particularly impressed.)
  • Has appeared in major motion pictures (The actress may be stunningly beautiful, but if she is obscure or not sufficiently talented to have been in a major film or TV show or major musical event, I don’t find her worthy of mention. After all, the list would therefore become too unwieldy in length)
  • Was not a “flash in the pan” (Physical beauty must show some longevity to be meaningful, in my view)

The Most Attractive and Exceptionally Intelligent Female Actresses Ever…

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Best Ever Transportation and Urban Design Books

The following books, which are not in order of importance, are the best-ever books I have ever read in my several decades of academic and professional work in town and transportation planning.

  • The High Cost of Free Parking, by Donald Shoup (2005)
  • Suburban Nation, by Duany, Plater-Zyberk, Speck (2010)hi
  • Home From Nowhere, by James Howard Kunstler (1998)
  • The Great Good Place, by Ray Oldenburg (1991)
  • Walkable City, by Jeff Speck (2013)
  • Cities in Full, by Steve Belmont (2002)
  • Cities and Automobile Dependence, by Paul Newman and Jeffrey Kenworthy (1989)
  • Stuck in Traffic, by Anthony Downs (1992)
  • The Car and the City, by Alan Durning (1996)
  • Zoned Out: Regulations, Markets, Transportation, by Jonathan Levine (2006)
  • Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City, by Peter Norton (2008).
  • The Rise of the Creative Class, by Richard Florida (2002)
  • Green Metropolis, by David Owen (2009)
  • Asphalt Nation, by Jane Holtz Kay (1997)
  • Street Design, by Dover and Massengale (2013)
  • Trees in Urban Design, by Henry Arnold (1993)


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Sophia Loren

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