Dynasty Ball in Football and Baseball


By Dom Nozzi

December 8, 2018

I have grown bored to tears by football and baseball in America.


Because in professional baseball and both college and professional football, there has been a tiny handful of teams that have become such dynasties that they win the vast majority of championships.

Consider the following.

In pro baseball, since 1996, the New York Yankees have won the World Series 5 times. The Boston Red Sox have won 4 times. The San Francisco Giants have won 3 times. And the St Louis Cardinals have won 2 times. That is, two-thirds of the pro baseball championships over the past 22 years have been won by only 4 teams.

All time, the Yankees have appeared in 40 World Series and have won 27.

In pro football, since 1972, the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl 6 times, The Dallas Cowboys have won 5 times. The San Francisco 49ers have won 5 times. The New York Giants have won 4 times. The Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins have won 3 times. That is, over two-thirds of the Super Bowl champions over the past 46 years have been won by only 7 teams.

The Patriots, as of February 2019, have now appeared in 11 Super Bowls. The Steelers, Cowboys, and Broncos have appeared in 8.

In college football, since 1970, Alabama has won the national championship 9 times, Nebraska and Southern Cal have won 5 times. Oklahoma and Miami have won 4 times. Notre Dame, Florida State, Florida, and Ohio State have won 3 times. That is, over 80 percent of the college football national championships have been won by only 9 teams.

The above illustrates that there is very little parity in these sports. Only a small handful of teams hog championships. Rooting for such teams amounts to rooting for a millionaire to win the lottery.

About Dom Nozzi

Urban designer, Complete Streets instructor, smart growth specialist, town planner, walkable streets and bikeable streets and trails specialist, writer, editor, public speaker, world adventurer, skier, kayaker, SCUBA diver, bicyclist, hiker, dancer, book reader, cook, urbanist.
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