Dom Nozzi’s Best-Ever Places to See in Italy

by Dom Nozzi

The places found on this list are the best-ever towns and sights that I have ever had the pleasure to see or experience in Italy. I have been to Italy three times, and love it so much that each time I visit, I feel as if I do not want to come back to America. I feel as if Italians truly know how to live (well). As if I have wasted my life by not living in such a charming, vibrant, wonderful place.

When I visit Italy, I am reminded that Italians make the best food and wine, the best cars, the best art, the best architecture (at least up until about 100 years ago), the best gelato, the most charming and romantic town centers, the best piazzas, and (unquestionably) the most gorgeous women.

In what seems like every single Italian town, one finds impossibly exquisite, highly detailed, gorgeously detailed churches filled with artistic masterpieces. Most churches in Italy are immense in size. Each one seems – inside – like the most spectacular building ever built in world history.

The Italian language is beautifully lyrical and romantic. Italians clearly love to speak their language, as they do so joyously and expressively.

If I could speak the language fluently, I would re-locate to Italy.

Dom’s Ranking of the Best Places to See or Experience in Italy

The town of Lucca

Montepulciano, a Tuscan hill town (Aquacheta Ristorante, Fattoria di Pulcino wine cellars, Montepulciano Nobile wine & pici pasta)


Cinque Terre

San Gimignano, a Tuscan town of ancient towers

Sienna (especially Piazza del Campo)







Rome (Vatican, Ancient Rome, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona — Il Gelato Di San Crispino is best gelato in universe & near Piazza Navona, Baths of Diocletian, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Cappuccin Crypt)

Bormio (the skiing and the charming town center are superb)

Venice (Trattoria da Grigio ai Greci, La Salute Chiesa, S.S. Giovanni Paolo Chiesa, Frari Chiesa, San Giorgio Maggiore Chiesa, water taxi on the Grand Canal)

Florence (especially to see Michelangelo’s David, as well as Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, Trattoria Mario’s, Acquacotta Ristorante, and Piazza della Signoria)


Cortona (Trattoia la Grotta, Santa Margrherita Basilica, Etruscan Museum)

The town of Ragusa Ibla, in Sicily




I urge you to email me ( or leave a comment if you have a suggested addition or subtraction from this list. Or if you have any other thoughts about this list.


Each list in this blog contains my own personal opinions based on my personal experiences. I acknowledge that there may be a need to add or subtract from these lists (or to create a new subject list), and I welcome such suggestions. The lists are not ordered from higher to lower quality. Each list is a work in progress.

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2 Responses to Dom Nozzi’s Best-Ever Places to See in Italy

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Wow, I’m thrilled to learn that I’ve done all but about eight of the things on your “bucket list” — am thinking Africa might be next year, so what is it about the Zambezi River?

    • Dom Nozzi says:

      All but eight??? WOW! I need to be traveling w/ you! The Zambezi River is on the list because it has such lore, mystique and legend surrounding it (like the Amazon River). I understand it is full of crocodiles, which is enough by itself for me to want to be on that river…

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