Most Attractive Actresses of All Time

By Dom Nozzi

The actresses found on this list are the sexiest actresses I have ever seen. There are obviously many others who are equally or more physically attractive, but they are not on the list because I have not seen them as an actress, or I have forgotten about them, or they do not satisfy the criteria I have laid out below. The list also contains actresses who may not be gorgeous today, but were quite attractive in their “prime.”

Criteria for this ranking:

  • Physical attractiveness (Standards for beauty change over time. Many, for example, consider Marilyn Monroe to be very beautiful. I am not one of them.)
  • Intelligent persona (Some actresses are physically gorgeous, but for me, if the woman does not seem intelligent, it is a turn-off for me)
  • Has appeared in major motion pictures (The actress may be stunningly beautiful, but if she is obscure or not sufficiently talented to have been in a major film or TV show or major musical event, I don’t find her worthy of mention. After all, the list would therefore become too unwieldy in length)
  • Was not a “flash in the pan” (Physical beauty must show some longevity to be meaningful, in my view)

The Most Attractive Female Actresses Ever…


I urge you to email me ( or leave a comment if you have a suggested addition or subtraction from this list. Or if you have any other thoughts about this list.


Each list in this blog contains my own personal opinions based on my personal experiences. I acknowledge that there may be a need to add or subtract from these lists (or to create a new subject list), and I welcome such suggestions. The lists are not ordered from higher to lower quality. Each list is a work in progress.



About Dom Nozzi

Urban designer, Complete Streets instructor, smart growth specialist, town planner, walkable & bikeable streets & trails specialist, writer, editor, speaker, world adventurer, skier, kayaker, SCUBA diver, bicyclist, hiker, dancer, book reader, urbanist. Make my own beer, wine, pasta, bread. Live by the motto that it is the things we do NOT do that we later regret. Life is too short to not live it to the fullest.
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2 Responses to Most Attractive Actresses of All Time

  1. Tommy Norris says:

    Demi Moore?

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