Transportation Planners, Pioneers, Revolutionaries: Best-Ever

by Dom Nozzi

The people found on this list represent ground-breaking advocates for much-needed transportation reform, and are those I have worked with in the past professionally, or have read of their achievements in my town planning work. Each of them have undoubtedly needed to propose provocative, paradigm-shifting transportation ideas in highly contentious situations, as the dominant societal transportation philosophy has been engrained within America for over 100 years as unchallenged and unchallengable truths. More specifically, the work of each of these individuals has heroically centered on shifting the transportation paradigm from a nearly exclusive focus on “making cars happy” (and the corresponding degradation of quality of life for people), towards a timeless, traditional focus on “making people happy.” By their impressive efforts to bring about the installation of roundabouts, traffic calming, lower-speeds, road diets, human-scaled and more friendly streets in our town centers and neighborhoods, they have successfully and dramatically improved the quality of life of our neighborhoods and towns – not to mention the substantial benefits their leadership has delivered to our economies, our safety, our household budgets, and the pride we feel for our communities. We owe each of them a large debt of gratitude.

  • Walter Kulash
  • Ian Lockwood
  • Hans Monderman
  • Andres Duany
  • Victor Dover
  • Rick Hall
  • Rick Chellman
  • Peter Jacobsen
  • Jeff Tumlin
  • Donald Shoup
  • Peter Swift
  • Dan Burden
  • Peter Lagerway
  • Michael Ronkin
  • Barbara McCann
  • Patrick Siegman
  • Jeffrey Kenworthy
  • Peter Newman
  • Reid Ewing
  • Michael Wallwork
  • Danny Pleasant
  • Stu Sirota
  • Todd Litman


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4 Responses to Transportation Planners, Pioneers, Revolutionaries: Best-Ever

  1. Tom Bertulis says:


    I would say Peter Lagerwey deserves to be on that list. He’s one of the pioneers in the field.


  2. baird whelan says:

    I’m not well versed in the broad history of Transportation Planners, but one non-North American is Jaime Lerner. He seems to have influenced a great many others with his work in South America as an academic, Mayor of Curitiba, and subsequently Governor of Paraná.

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